"Most Valuable Programs" - FOX College Football

Food for thought: I am not sure I believe the dollars are exact but it gives you a directionally correct list of valuable programs (spoiler alert: no Big XII 2.0 programs are on there and about 50% of the list is SEC 2.0)


Arkansas is a bit surprising


They have a rich history in football

19 of the 25 will be in just two conferences in a few years. I don’t think this is a good thing for college football as we used to know it. PAC+ACC+ND doesn’t even match the number of B1G schools much less SEC 2.0

Did not realize that

So only Kentucky, Missouri, Vanderbilt, and Miss State did not make the Top 25 from the SEC.


South Carolina is the one that confused me lol


It’s all about the SEC. I counted 10 SEC School’s on the list. :unamused::roll_eyes:

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And 2 more on the list joining them…

Oops three pac 10 teams in the list. But hey what do we know.

Aggie raking in the cash for all those 8-4 seasons.

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My have the Irish fallen.

LOL, TU and TAM tied at top and between them haven’t won squat since TU’s Natty, especially Ags

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Arkansas, Ole Miss, and South Carolina have zero Pro sports of any kind whatsoever…
So all tv eyeballs in the state watch them and support them…

Heck, the Arkansas license plate literally says “Land of Opportunity” because nothing is there…
Goofy…but not surprising.

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I’m not surprised at TU and aTm being ranked 1 and 2. I have a lot of alum friends for both schools and as soon as either school win their first game of the season, they run to social media and post “this is THE year!” They drink that koolaid faster than anyone in college football. It’s fun to watch.


The only one that really surprises me is U Washington .

This list shouldnt shock anyone. A lot of large state schools (with little to no competition) or blue bloods.

That makes a lot of sense when you explain it in that capacity.

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South Carolina is only there on the strength of selling “Cocks” shirts and hats to teenagers. The money prints itself.


why do yall think that is South Carolina?? I think it is Southern Cal…and the ranking then makes sense…look at logo…its red and gold! That is Southern Cal…

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