Movies you liked that most everyone else hated

For me?

  1. Joe vs. the Volcano
  2. Hudson Hawk

strangely enough when Braveheart was first released it died because few came to see it. Then on the second release enough people(like me) had told their friends and everyone they could think of how good it was, it took off.
The other movie I liked that didn’t get rave reviews and many didn’t like early on was The Eagle has landed.

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas

I actually enjoyed the Joel Schumacher Batman movie with Uma Thurman and Ah-nuld, even though the critics hated it.

Of course, a lot of critics liked “The Day After,” “Lost in Translation,” “Fargo,” and “The Thin Red Line,” and I hated all four.

Streets of Fire. Sound track was great movie was okay but sappy.
I kept my copy of the soundtrack.

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Streets of Fire was a mindless action film, and predictably got terrible reviews, BUT:

  1. it had a GREAT hit song by Dan Hartman, AND
  2. it featured a young, hot, and very glammed up Diane Lane!

It’s worth viewing just for that!


My wife and kids loved Hudson Hawk, I hated it.