Moving to electric vehicles will dull recessions currently inflated by oil

Probably because it’s incredibly expensive and energy-intensive to mine Cobalt in the US.

China and Co. depend on unethical practices to continue getting their Cobalt supply at cheap prices

Once unethical practices are removed from the Cobalt supply chain, you’re going to have price spikes

The article explains it. When cobalt gets above $20/# they open the mine. Currently about $13

This is the same thing as the LSU anthem. You anti EVs sure like to cry slave labor when it comes to EVs but you probably are buying your UH cap and shirts made the same way, or any number of stuff from Walmart or the Apple Store. lol. Did you guys partake in any of the World Cup last year? Or watch F1 in the Middle East? All those venues are made with slave labor.


I always check where my stuff is made. It is easy to write it but indeed we have a choice.

Interesting…this could be applied to any type vehicle. I’d be inclined to subscribe based on that cost, especially if there was a truck option. I drive one now but only occasionally actually need to haul anything, but when I do (like yesterday) its totally worth.

Cool idea, if money can actually be made at those rates in the US.

Especially like the battery pack stop and swap
and pickup an extra 120 miles on the fly. I always thought the batteries should be universal and easily be a stop ,swap, and go option, no matter the car make.

So, I haven’t seen this discussed in this thread about EV weight inducing
parking garage collapses. But thought it may be fun to hear everyone’s take.

Now on older garages that are poorly maintained or inspected, that may be an issue.
But anything poorly maintained or inspected is at risk of catastrophic failure.

One of the older parking garages in our area that may be vulnerable would be the old Shamrock Hotel’s parking garage that is still used by the medical center today. There are probably many more
around town that I’m unaware of.

Have at it structural engineers !

Schaefer says:

January 27, 2023 at 8:15 am

To date, there have not been revisions to the design live load of 40 psf to accommodate the heavier electric vehicles. Most of the larger EV trucks are in the 6500-7000 pound range and equate to about 40-43 psf of loading over the 9×18 ft stall size. Assuming not every vehicle in a bay is a large EV truck and the load is balanced out by lighter vehicles, the 40 psf design should be adequate. However, this is something to monitor moving forward as the trend for electric vehicles will continue to increase.

Fyi, my 3/4 ton ICE truck has an empty weight of 6,400 lbs, if memory serves correct, and that’s
as heavy as a big EV Inthink.

Do you know what the best selling vehicles are in the US? Pick up trucks. And yet the media is blaming EVs for “possible” garage failures? And to single out the poorly selling larger EV trucks like the Hummer EV as an example. lol.

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Exactly what I was thinking. Nobody wrote articles like this as truck and SUV sales took over the market and even forced some sedans out (Ford Fusion for instance).

Industry funded hit piece is what that looks like.

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Exactly. I’m no EV lover, I don’t own an EV, but the brainwashing is frustrating. Any place you can comment on EVs, the brainwashed spout out the lies their media tell them. It’s working too, I see a lot of posts claiming EVs are less environmentally better than a Suburban.

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Yea, I’m still years away from considering an EV but may buy a hybrid on my next purchase and would be a plug-in if they made more financial sense (premiums are to high IMHO).

Fact is electric motors are way more efficient than combustion engines. It’s just a matter of time before 1) faster charging batteries take over the EV industry followed by 2) massive increases in number of EV’s manufactured, which naturally will lead to 3) lower costs for EVs due to economies of scale savings and finally 4) ICE vehicles slow decline.

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You are right. In the million articles I have seen criticizing trucks and SUVs, I have not seen this exact angle taken.

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Of course not. There are much more legitimate reasons to write an article criticizing trucks and SUV so they didnt have to make shite up.

It’s done on purpose.

“That’s why they invest heavily into politicians, agenda-driven nonprofits and media organizations like PragerU and the Daily Wire. It is all connected.”

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Breaking news: the o&g industry and o&g investors lobby against climate change to keep making money

More details at 6


The big change has begun (years and years this process will take of course).

620 mile range…249 mile charge in 12 minutes.


It’s called the IM L6, is Chinese

What your article is not saying is that this vehicle is made by slaves.
Do we want to buy a car made by slaves?

We do not care about a car being made by slaves?
Then we did not learn a thing from our history.
Clear enough?

EVs are just a bad product pawned off on people who think they are saving the planet.

Resale sucks, insurance is more expensive, re-charge time, 1 in 5 charging stations malfunction, costs more.

No one would by that product unless they thought they were saving the planet or they were trying to look environmentally conscious.