Moving to electric vehicles will dull recessions currently inflated by oil

I enjoy my Dodge Ram have had it for 10 years and no issues but I only have 80K miles on it. Living 5 minutes from work really helps.


This and helping friends move are some of the greatest reasons ever to not own a truck. Wives love gardening but some how it’s always me schlepping the soil and mulch.


Love Lewis

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Yeah the Cyber Truck is horrendous.

That being said, it’s only a matter of time before EV Trucks become the norm in the coming decades.

I just imposed a series of tariffs on goods made in China:

25% on steel and aluminum,
50% on semiconductors,
100% on EVs,
And 50% on solar panels.

China is determined to dominate these industries.

I’m determined to ensure America leads the world in them.

Does this make those wanting protectionist measures happy?

@92010Coogs will this action by Biden put you on tilt. It is what you wanted, right?

My fiance drove an f150 when we met. Her parents still have it and use it to haul stuff when they need to. It has 200k+ miles on it.


You guys realize that I have nothing against pickup trucks, right? It was to show 51 using the same logic against EVs was flawed and tainted.

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Very political.

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Yes, is the political board back?

Did you not get the email?

This is what an abusive relationship with someone who is emotionally volatile looks like.


They all should negotiate for better salaries.


I have the same relationship with UH football.


Was looking at this again, I wonder what they cost. Also, if they have them in like a “sleeper” truck style for long haul.

Honestly, with 51 gaslighting everyone, I just jumped to the end.

I don’t know if anyone has brought them up, but we’re looking right now for the right Plug-In Hybrid. Right now, the government is offering a $4000 dollar rebate on used EVs, Plug Ins, Hydrogen, you name it.

We’re gonna cash in, because we can get more car for less with that rebate. Most of the ones we are looking at get phenomenal gas mileage, so I will selfishly enjoy that, as I take my state, federal, and Utility rebates to install a Level 2 charger as well. One would have to be an idiot not to explore that amazing option.

I don’t feel one bit bad about the government funding this. It will help with the eventual transition.

Get with the times, squares…


Which PHEV’s have you considered? I’ve just begun shopping lately and the adder to go from hybrid to Plug-in seems too large for the most part. But, I haven’t factored in the gov rebate…

If you have neuralink and own a Tesla do you spend most of your day thinking about renewing your warranty/service plan?