Musk says X is considering removing likes, reposts from content

Chronicle has an article about that.

I’m on X fairly often. The “Nudes in Bio” bots that were in nearly every thread I’d read have almost disappeared. Good job, X guys. But anyone on X needs to check their Followers because a lot of bots (0 Posts or a very low post count are the giveaways) will follow you.

Big nothing. Tons of porn available on Reddit (so I’ve heard :sunglasses:) but it doesn’t fit the anti Musk narrative.
Life goes on.

I would guess Pornhub could sue the state if its not enforced.

Well Texas certainly cold go after Reddit in the same way if it is running afoul of the law. I’d say X is higher profile, though. Certainly the law should be applied the same no matter who owns the sites.

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Really gross.

Now Musk wants to ban iPhones!

Ok so I guess he’s not removing likes but just hiding them? Did anyone actually ask for this feature that wasn’t liking questionable tweets?

That makes zero sense.

To me in some ways, it makes a lot of sense.

I am certain that some likes never ocurr due to the current environment where there is such unreasonable retaliation at risk. One way to address that is to provide an anonymous means to agree with someone’s statement.

Some threads of political nature in this forum are perfect examples. Of course the outspoken folks (can be from either side of an opposing viewpoint) refuse to recognize that as being a real factor (in keeping score) as opposed to considering their consensus may not actually be a consensus.

People are prone to not being able to differentiate between being in a majorty versus an echo chamber.

I guess I would say, what is the point of the likes if they aren’t public?

The like is still public…and unique to an individual or id. But the name of the id or person liking it is not made public.

Same thinking as providing an opportunity for feedback that remains anonymous.

There is only one poster here that attacks people for liking a post. We all know who.

I’ve never seen another instance of anyone getting attacked for liking a post, especially internet randos.

A solution in search of a problem.


Did you not consider that there might be likes that never materialize for the reasons I mentioned?

How can the mob attack a like that was held back?

People in an echo chamber (where they are in agreement with the group think) are prone to not even realizing they are in an echo chamber.

Conversely, those not in agreement might recognize it much more clearly. I think we are all prone to that lack of differentiating based on our leanings.

Usually it’s something like when Ted Cruz’s account likes porn star accounts. I don’t see it with everyday people but certainly see it being an issue for celebrities and politicians.

However, really if you’re afraid of backlash from liking something, maybe you need to consider why and why you like it.


That sounds great on paper. Depending on the mob (in your favor or not in a given venue) people are often smartly picking their battles to be fought elsewhere.

Again, it is very common for those within an echo chamber to not recognize that they are in an echo chamber.

What’s the point in liking something no one can see? Do people really go back through their likes later and evaluate them?

You can “like” something without hitting the like button. That’s basically what you’re doing now.

It just seems to me the entire point of the like button was for it to be public.


The same reason you vote at a ballot box but your choices are allowed to remain anonymous.

Your like is seen even if anonymous.

It makes sense when the world tends to go over board with loudest-wins thinking.