Musk says X is considering removing likes, reposts from content

I really don’t understand this, isn’t this where the engagement is? Wouldn’t this make the traffic drop considerably? I know it may limit the reach of some people and also keep some things from going viral as fast but just don’t understand this potential change.

It’s really sounding like he’s trying to bury Twitter.

This stuff just doesn’t make sense.


Yea I’ve really been baffled by his decisions, the lack of a plan initially and such. I’m just amazed by it, fascinating but also has train wreck qualities. I just can’t see how much of what he has done is going to turn it around. Plus if engagement drops due to those changes, that only gives advertisers less reason to be there.

I’ve thought that for a while. He’s got eff you money and he’s spending it.

I thought he always saw X as a financial transaction site? It is where “X” came from.

But yeah, he seems helbent on killing the app.

Engagement numbers can’t go down if they aren’t tracked. Galaxy brain move.

One thing I remembered this morning. The retweet feature was not an original feature of Twitter. It was added after people adopted doing it manually. Just typing “RT @whatever” before retyping the tweet. So I’m sure people could go back to that or just post pictures of other people’s posts. A little more trouble though.

Elon is a such a puss. Always has been always will be. Pretty visionary is his ideas but a personal weenie.

Hey Elon

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Reportedly questions about his use of ketamine was the last straw ?

after an interview Lemon did with Musk last Friday that was not to the adult toddler’s liking, including questions about his ketamine use.

I didn’t know what this drug was or used for:

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic that has some hallucinogenic effects. It distorts perceptions of sight and sound and makes the user feel disconnected and …

It’s also used in some mental health therapies, like other microdoses of hallucinogens.

Elon doesn’t like when people talk about his drug usage.


TAG member companies, having achieved Verified by TAG status, can then work with Team TAG earn any of TAG’s certifications. These certifications allow companies to promote themselves as actively working to combat fraudulent and criminal activity in digital advertising.

If true major advertisers are not coming back.

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I was pretty sure of that when he told them to go fornicate themselves.

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It’ll be fine we can survive on Bet365, Android games, and drop ship scams. That and Russia, Chinese, and Saudi money for ratting out dissidents.

I’m waiting for when they allow OF content creators to just pay for ads.

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it is already full of OF ads.

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Free speech absolutist.

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Does anyone?

The vast majority don’t have to worry about it.

Amazing how some of you have made a 180 since Musk decided to FREE twitter/X. You all can’t take it. You are melting down before our very eyes. It reminds me of…

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