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Bohls: In search of a deal, UT leaps to become a Houston booster

Posted July 22nd, 2016

Really, Texas?

So now you’re gung-ho for the University of Houston to join your little Big 12 party. Now you’re rolling out the red carpet. Now you’re in favor of ushering the Cougars in, pulling out the chair for them at the table, snapping the napkin on their lap and taking their order.

A lot of speculation, but the kind that may turn out to be true. He is writing what a lot of us are thinking. It is a game of politics and power being flexed and played. At the end of the day, I sense we will be in a better situation and continue to move forward and up. A lot of this will play out in a matter of time. How much time? Who knows? We need to continue to improve our situation and make the best of everything. Build, win, and make ourselves a national household name. Then we will never be denied again.

Go Coogs!

Uhhh … give us a link CC … copying and posting a whole article is


Anyway I thought most of the article was tongue in cheek until I came to …

This whole ugly situation may be just beginning. BYU could well be eliminated from consideration because of reports that sexual-assault victims on campus are investigated themselves for violating the school’s honor code, which prohibits premarital sex and the use of alcohol and tobacco among other things. An academic scandal at South Florida. Later, gator. If Memphis is such a great place, why did its football coach up and leave for Virginia Tech? Does UConn even have a football team?

And nothing at UH or Cincy … eh … guess we are in … we don’t have that Baylor stigma like attached to us.


Bohls is actually supportive of UH in the Big 12 in an objective manner and slams UT for it’s slimey ways. Pretty good article.

Strange days we live in.

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Good read.

Mouthpiece for UT.

Not following, he’s blasting UT all through the article.

ok I am sure the beat writer for UT burns bridges with said university for UH. Probably not. Reason lip service. Again I need to see it to believe it.

I admit, it’s strange.

This is why I have always said there is something slimy about UT’s sudden change of heart. I don’t think if we do go that it would be a stretch to say that I look for UT and OU to look to jet as soon as the grant of rights is up.

We just have to make sure we come in and win and win big so we are set up for the next round of changes.

That’s 7 years away for GOR to expire. I’ll take it.

Well I am thoroughly enjoying the nervous nellies …

In another posting I even dedicated some songs to them …

From what I am understanding … their MAIN argument is they DON’T trust the horns BUT do trust our prez and BofR.

Which seems a bit contradictory.

Our prez and main BofR ARE NOT country bumpkins who have just recently fallen off a turnip truck.

They are seasoned/hardened veterans who have devoted years to getting us into a P5 conference.

And from what I gather they are not only encouraged from what they are hearing from the Austin government and university BUT THRILLED at the prospect that the journey though difficult MAYBE finally over.

I have not seen or heard any inkling that they are distrusting anything from the 40 acres … unlike our nervous nellies

You sure seem to like to pick at people…

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Certainly that is how Fertitta came across in the 610 interview this afternoon…Very happy and confident about what was happening, and several more compelling reasons why we are such a good candidate…TRAVEL, which Big 12 regards as very important though little is said about it, and wanting schools that will create rivalry games, which obviously, we would do. WE have the merits and i think we are IN…

Yepp … I do … and I apologize for it …

We are on the verge of something great and there are those who think we should be attending a doom and gloom funeral instead.

Sorry but I have been attending WAY too many funerals since we left the SWC …

Yepp its too early to start celebrating but its also too early to justify moaning and knashing our teeth …

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