MWC gave in to Boise State

It appears MWC and Boise State has kissed and made up . . . for now. San Diego State, the MWC second best team, is the main school dead set against BSU getting more money.

The Mountain West Board of Directors has quietly voted to rescind a decision that would end Boise State’s additional slice of revenue from the conference’s TV contract, several sources told the Union-Tribune.

In exchange, Boise State will drop a legal complaint filed last month against the conference and agree to terms of the new TV contract that begins this summer.

Boise State will continue to receive $1.8 million per year in addition to what everyone else in the conference gets through 2025-26. And the rest of the conference will continue to fight for equitable distribution after that.

San Diego State has been among the strongest voices opposing a Boise State carve-out, and President Adela de la Torre is believed to have cast a dissenting vote against reversing the December decision that would have ended it.

Disappointing. Perhaps there is still a chance to lure BYU into the AAC (football only).

ONLY - if they agree to change the color of that stupid blue field!

BYU re-upped with ESPN last week. They’re making more than we are.


AAC is still in the pole position for NY6. I’m ok with it as we weren’t going to be given P6 status.


SDSU is probably still mad about Boise blowing up their deal to join our conference as well.

Boise wanted more than $1.8m more. So this may be more of a compromise than a cave.

I had a theory that the conference might be mostly trying to hold them down to that number. Which, if so, they were successful.

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Wasn’t Boise wanting them same percentage of revenue instead of the same amount? If so, then the MW played their hand well.

The MWC voted in December to get rid of Boise State’s extra money after this new contract expires in 2026. So the next contract after 2026 would have all teams making the same money. The MWC rescinded that vote so now the next contract after 2026 could continue the extra money for BSU.

I think the MWC and Boise State just prolonged their eventual divorce. By then BSU will ask for more than $1.8M and the MWC is not going to give it to them.

Boise State was gearing up to demand a hefty share of the new TV money.

The Mountain West Conference stated they’d get no extra money.

The conclusion was that they landed between the two positions: Same money as before.

I think this has all been a negotiation.

BSU is the TU of the MWC


Except Texas routinely voted for equal revenue shares. Nebraska and Aggy wanted unequal revenue shares and left because of it. The Big 12 has equal revenue shares with several schools having individual contracts for third their rights.

WOW. What until you see what UT does to the BIG12

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UT prevented the creation of a conference network by creating their own network, thus taking potential income from other member schools.


Speaking with several of the UT people I know, they wanted a conference or at least Texas channel but other schools like A&M and OU turned them down so they went their own way. Unfortunately, UT isn’t as evil as most would have them be in the recent era of college football.

You are right - they are WORSE!


That’s absolutely correct. UT created its own network and then voted for equal shares which increased it’s shares because UT didn’t have to share with larger payouts with the other big revenue producers. UT had its cake and ate it also.

It was Deloss Dodds. After our game in 2001, Dodds was so mad he signed what has become a 20 year deal (10 and they just reupped for 10 more) to play Rice in Houston every other year. Remember the old stadium when UT came? He was so mad about the End Zone Structure that he swore that UT would never again play UH. So far, he’s a man of his evil word. We would have beaten them quite a few times so it was a good move. Rice is 0-19 so far with maybe one first half scare.

Not true. UT voted for equal shares. Then it tried to create a network but Nebraska and aTm wouldn’t go along with it so UT went solo.

Evil word because UH completely screwed the pooch? Your rose colored glasses are too tight. I’ve cut off ties with contractors and employees for much less and never hired them again.