My analysis

We got beat by a better team.


Good point. They have a deeper, more mature team. Let’s beat Navy and see what happens next. A total rebuild means depth (better than last year) and several recruiting classes.


I think we are better this year, but we still have a ways to go to beat top 15 type teams. The cancelled games would have helped us clean up a lot of the errors that cost us last night.


We are not very good at this time…Some of our fans are delusional to think otherwise. We may win 3 of our next 6 games ,if our db’s learn to cover receivers with a different color jersey than ours, running down the field wide open.

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I would tend to agree… I would set the o/u at 3.5 wins for the rest of the season.

I would say we end 5-4.


BYU had 16 quarters of competition under their belts to our 4. They’ve had time to go through several improvement cycles based on actual games. We’re in our first.

It may turn out that they’re much better than we are, but we sure didn’t look overmatched from what I saw. We were a couple of boneheaded plays away from winning that game.