My Biggest Problem with the Game and this Thursday

I actually expected what happened. I even told some Temple fans that they would probably win in a shoot out. First string DL gone, walk on’s starting, etc. They understood because of their losing their HC to Baylor. They went from 10-4 in 2016 to 7-6 in 2017. HC leaving to Baylor cost them some recruits.

After being at the SMU game I began thinking I had time traveled back to 2016 at SMU, I expected fewer fans at the Temple game and there were.

But my BIGGEST PROBLEM with the game was NO HOT CHOCOLATE OR COFFEE. Yes, I do not sit in high rollers climate controlled area. I am retired and not in that elite group. But I just wanted coffee or a hot chocolate.

I talked to a counter person who offered me a coke or beer, and was told that one place had some but sold out long ago. Really, I got hot chocolate at Rice when UH played them years ago in November.

So when Temple went up by 3 TD’s I left, listening to the game on my headsets as I walked to the car.

I really enjoyed the BB game and how our experienced veteran BB coach has built a contender. I now am trying to decide to attend the BB game against Rice in climate control environment at TSU. Or freeze in an even colder night game to watch a savvy veteran Tulane HC possibly get his second straight win against UH and become bowl eligible.

Let me see, No hot chocolate or coffee and temperature in the 30’s vs UH - Rice BB. I bought the FB ticket so they have my money.

OK, back to who will be, should be fired threads…


I often wonder why we don’t offer energy drinks too? Yes I could have used some nice hot chocolate. Saturday night . One good thing, I was able to check out a few different seats I’m interested in upgrading to next year .

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I saw them selling hot chocolate I thought.

They were selling hot chocolate. I saw several people with it but I chose alcohol to keep me warm. :stuck_out_tongue:

I looked for something hot to drink. Never saw anything. But I really didn’t think it was uncomfortably cold last night. After the Md and ND Cotton Bowls and some games I saw in Lincoln I’ll never gripe about Houston being cold.

I ended up getting a drink at the hard liquor bar which was a first for me. I had a double. Didn’t need it for the chill but it helped me tolerate the knucklehead next to me who was dissing Oliver and King and everyone else in red as he does every week, win or lose. Thankfully he bailed when we went down three scores.

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Aramark is a wonderful thing :roll_eyes:

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I walked the entire stadium. There was 1 place selling it at half time and the people who just got it told me not to waste my money ($5 for small cup!) because it wasn’t even hot and had no taste. Hell if you are selling it for 5 bucks, you could have made a killing offering it more places! UH could easily set up some stands for this or make Aramark sell it. I know we probably only have 1 or 2 games a year when it is actually cold, but they need to do more for fans in those games. We are talking about Texans, most south Texans, so you have to do more to make them comfortable. They could even bring a handful of those big heaters into the stadium to offer areas on the concourse for fans to warm up some.

I’m not surprised, it took them a while to adjust to hot games and start giving out free water.

Congratulations I honestly believe that this a first and totally unique complaint. Thank you for your originality.

We really do need a “fan perspective committee” within our athletic department. It seems like everybody is more concerned about making $$$ (and I do get that in our situation) and nobody is in charge of taking a real forward look at what the needs, challenges and opportunities are week to week. I would get killed in my business if this was not a daily priority. Anyway, attention to details should be a core competency for a well run organization. Guess we are not there yet.

We should set up concession kiosks around the stadium that serves only hot chocolate and coffee on cold days. All it takes is to keep a watchful eye on the weather report and prepare accordingly.

People working the average concession stands are usually too busy serving food, soft drinks, peanuts, beer, taking orders and making change to keep hot water or coffee available, but a kiosk specializing in those two beverages wouldn’t let that happen. All we’re really talking about is making and keeping hot water available to the public.

Either that or let Tilman Fertitta, who is a restaurant guru, come up with ideas to restructure stadium concessions. IMO, with his background, money and influence, one would think that UH would have the best concessions among all the FBS football programs.

The last suggestion would be to allow fans bring one thermos per person on frigid days only.

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Did anyone watch the play on the field?

And you guys are worried :worried: about Hot Chocolate!

I can assure you when UT and Notre Dame loses a game they are not talking about hot chocolate ( of course, they likely have it).

No pun intended (of course pun intended) you all need to wake up and smell the coffee (or do what I do when it is cold and put on thermal underwear).

Gotta admit. This made me chuckle!

50% Bailey’s, 50% coffee/hot chocolate. That can help get you through some games


Wife asked me for coffee and my cousin walked me to where he got his. Before I could even ask for it the girl says, “we’re out of coffee and hot chocolate.” I said thank you, I’ll probably be divorced by the end of the game now.


Or, 50% Kahlua, 50% coffee.
Always have a backup plan…


I’m going to the BB game against Rice on Wednesday night in the climate controlled HSE at TSU. Then Thursday night I am going to sit in the cold at TDECU to watch my Coogs play against Tulane. I expect us to win both games.


They should allow you to bring a thermos.

Leather Bota Bag - Spanish Wine Skin - 1 Liter $11.99 @ Walmart . . . . . or maybe a RED hot water bladder . . . . . filled with "warmer’ of your choice . . . . .

I heard from a little birdie that uh is trying to give Aramark the boot


Good riddance