My feeling on timeline

It sounds like things are on hold until after Saturday’s games. We apparently have a shortlist of ~5-6 candidates (including Applewhite and Orlando) that will be interviewed. If I had to put money down, Ferttita, Khator and Yurachek will all be part of the interview process. My guess is we will know by Tuesday of next week who are coach is.

They will then have a week before the recruiting dead period to firm up commits and start assembling their staff. I think we have a good shot of keeping Applewhite as OC if he is not hired as HC, that is if the new HC wants him. The opposite is true for Orlando. If CTO doesn’t get the job, I think he moves on for a year or two at Austin before someone hires him as a HC.

If Miles is the candidate, at age 63, how much longer would he want to coach? Wonder what the possibility would be of keeping CTO as #2HC with the intention of becoming HC in 2-3 years. I recall it didn’t work for Mack Brown/Muschamp. Sure would like to keep Orlando. Not sure just more money would work.

I was wondering about that too. Would he take an Associate Head Coach position? Would be a great team up for sure.

Just saw this

He indicated at least 10 more years.

I’ll take 5 years of Les Miles and then retirement over 6 to 7 years with another coach with rumors of leaving for a Big12 school for the last 2 to 3 years.

Les as HC, Steve Sarkesian will be his OC, and maybe he can persuade Orlando to stay and be his DC…THATS my dream line up

According to Dennis Dodd, Sarkesian is in rehab for substance abuse, and wouldn’t be hired by anyone but Saban. Article is largely unfavorable to Sarkesian, noting that as head coach, he never won more than 7 games in a year.

I have been hearing that Coach O wants Kiffen as LSU OC if he is not hired as a head coach and if he turns them down Coach O would probably bring in Sark as his backup plan.

Coach O looking at Kiffen and Sark?? THAT is interesting…