My guess for AP top 15 tomorrow

Note: If you disagree, feel free to make your own top 15 prediction but please don’t try to pick a fight over a team you think I overrated or underrated. This isn’t my top 15, it’s my prediction for the AP top 15. Thanks

1 Alabama
2 Georgia
3 Ohio State
5 Clemson
6 OU
7 Notre Dame
8 Washington
9 Auburn
10 Penn State
11 West Virginia
12 UCF
13 Stanford
14 Michigan
15 Miami

Texas WILL jump in there…Watch


I know Texas gets over-hyped a lot by the AP but I think even the AP won’t let UT pass other teams that won or didn’t play based on UT barely beating a team that was curb-stomped by WV and MissSt.

It would take either Penn State sliding 7 slots for their 1 point loss to Ohio State or Stanford sliding 9 slots for their loss to Notre Dame plus UT leap frogging Miami and Kentucky that each won easily.

Hell, after a 7 point win UT will be in the Top 5.

Then, when OU beats them by 30 they will drop to 6.


Doesn’t OU have history of rolling over for UT like last year?

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I’d use the term playing down to UT. Rolling over implies OU loses. OU has won 3 of the last 4 and 6 of the last 8 but the last 3 wins were all close games.

Actually, OU performs better against UT when UT is ranked, I think.

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clemson should still be ahead of lsu imo. syracuse is a very good team. the fact clemson came back and won with a 3rd string qb is impressive.

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I will neither agree or disagree with your projections because AP means nothing. No poll means anything until the first CFP poll comes out. When all is said and done I would like to see the playoff consist of Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, and Notre Dame. With the BIG, B12 and PAC12 excluded we would have an 8 team playoff next year.

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Texas will defiantly be #15. They have to build up the TU/OU game.

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So you mean the AP won’t make UT #15 but Herman will self-proclaim UT 15th in an act of “defiance?” :thinking:


Yep and he’ll declare them the best trained team in America and then go on to brotherhood and loving each other.

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It’s out. Texas dropped one spot. :joy:

Two moves that I didn’t see coming. West Virginia leap frogging Washington and Kentucky moving up 4 spots.

With Texas Tech going from 25th to no votes, USF becomes the only team on our schedule with a chance of being top 25 when the season ends unless we get to play in the championship game.

Cincy is like #29…OSU get blown out by Tech…they are 25 we lose by two touchdowns no votes…

With this D coordinator, we really shouldn’t stress about polls and ranking, we should be happy to make it to the the CCG.

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Cincy isn’t on our schedule unless we meet them in the championship.

Think Cincinnati could beat UCF? Haven’t seen them play much but their defense looks to be a lot better.

Have no clue. They have probably as much chance of making the championship as we do.
Just saying it’s the only way we play them.

OSU lost to unranked Tech by 24, they drop out of the polls. They beat unranked Kansas by 20 and are back in the Top 25.

Tech beats Top 15 OSU by 24, gets ranked #25. Loses to #12 WVU by a TD and gets zero votes.

VT is ranked on the strength of beating FSU, William and Mary, and Duke, despite an embarrassing loss to Old Dominion. Yes the same ODU that East Carolina just beat.

I don’t get it.


Because people aren’t voting a top 25 purely on the last two weeks. They are voting based on the season results. Texas Tech has another loss to account for. They are 3-2, not 4-1.

Everybody is really good at critiquing who is getting votes and who isn’t getting votes, but I never see those people submit their own top 25. Try submitting a top 25 list and you will see it’s a lot easier to critique one or two choices than it is to submit a top 25 list that you can justify to everyone.