Names From State

I’m just going list players who play outstanding in Championship games.

Adam Hill - Albany

Ta’Eric Tate - Gilmer
Lewis Henderson - Gilmer

DJ Sanders - Bellville (has a UH offer)

Hauss Hejny - Aledo

Joseph Dodds - Tidehaven

Jayden Shelton - SOC

Connor Bailey - PNG

Andres Fuentes -PNG

Danny Green - SOC

Caden Durham - Duncanvile

Caleb Bailey - North Shore

Colin Simmons - Duncanvile

Terry Bussey - Timson

Mike Jones - Malakoff

Chauncey Hogg - Malakoff

Jayden Jackson - Franklin


Nobody from Mart or Palacios? Seems bogus.

Nobody on Mart impressed me

Palacios is in a UIL State Champio ship? Your question seems bogus to me

At one time Mart had a killer defense

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Will Tomahawk Henderson III - Gilmer

MVP Offense

I thought they called him Lewis? He was tremendous.

Don’t remember the youngster’s name, but one youngster did have a 49 yd field goal and another, much shorter one.