Navy at UH 2016

I’m watching 2016 games over the summer. Mack Brown is the commentator for the UH Navy 2016 game. My favorite quote is with less than 5 minutes left in the game. The play-by-play guy states that we would have been undefeated had Ward been healthy for the UConn game. Brown adds on, “I think there is absolutely no doubt that there would be a chance.”

This guy gets paid for that crap.

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I think you mean the Canoe U. game of 2015. Unless you got a time machine…which would mean we lose to UConn again but we beat Canoe U. again which is fine by me.

Am I the only one that enjoys Mack’s commentary and sees him as one of the few commentators that has always given us a fair shake?

I’ll take him over the likes of Rod Gilmore any day.

Kronke I watched a game he did color on last year and I thought he was pretty good. Yeah much better than Gilmore.

Rod is a rod. Mack is very complimentary of us.

Gilmore ??? You set such a high standard !!!

I like Ol Mack as the color guy.

Whenever he went on and on and on about Farrow’s injury last year, and how dare we play him (as if he knew better than our team doctors), it really ticked me off. If he never calls another game of ours, it will be too soon.

Mack gives us a fair shake because Herman was his GA and Mack respected him.

I can abide Mack except when he invokes his past players and then we’re off on a lengthy journey down UT memory lane. UGH!

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