Navy beats Tulsa

Looks like they’ll hang on 42-40.

They are solidly in the driver’s seat at this point.

So, we need to beat Tulane and Memphis and Navy has to lose at East Carolina and at SMU.

Yep. Navy’s magic number is 1.

SMU needs a win to play in a bowl. I think they beat Navy. ECU on the hand is Swiss cheese.
We were cooked with that loss at SMU

Good thing is that Navy has been less than impressive on the road add they are only 1-2 with losses to Air Force and USF and a TD win at Tulane.

ECU is 3-2 at home with a win over NC State, but they gave up a ton to SMU today.

SMU is 2-2 at home.

SMU is 75th against the rush and ECU is 89th.

Basically, we need a miracle at this point.

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