Navy nowhere near sold out for Temple

Lots of seats available 13 hours before kick.

I don’t care who you are, it’s damned hard to sell out your stadium on one week’s notice.

Pac 12 Championship - Seating Capacity is 68,500

MAC Championship - Seating Capacity is 65,000

Especially without being able to count on season ticket sales, it’s the week after Thanksgiving where a number of people just travelled and/or spent quite a bit of money shopping, it’s usually right before Finals, the conference handles ticket sales,and tickets are usually doubled over normal priced tickets.

Tough to come up with a solution, especially in geographically diverse conferences.

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Why did the PAC12 schedule a Championship game on a Thursday night in San Jose? Some of you that know the San Jose/Santa Clara area this is a joke. This was probably dictated by the network.

It probably doesn’t help that Navy isn’t in charge of the ticket pricing or opponents and they have to charge $40 for upper deck sideline seats in front of the 10 yard line. Navy also might be a walk up crowd.


Wow. That’s bad. Temple is only a two hour drive away too.

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Good grief. That’s Tulsa level support.

I read where Temple was bringing about 8,000 fans too.

Chet the Jet screwed the pooch.

So there’s someone who spends their Saturday posting pictures of partly full football stadiums on Twitter? :unamused:

The internet sometimes has me scratching my head.

He started posting them, now people send them to him. The point of the entire account is that no fanbase or region sells out every game, so stop everyone can stop pretending to have the “Best fanbase in the universe”.

Conference Champ games are a complete gamble now. With conferences so widespread across the country it is hard to get people to make plan within a week and buy tickets right before Christmas.

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