Navy - O/U rushing yards

Navy had 147 yards rushing last year. Our D this year is even better than last year and Reynolds is gone so I’d bet they don’t go over 100. They will probably surpass our opponents’ high for the year but won’t go over 100.

They only got 57 on the ground last week against Air Force. With Ed clogging up the middle and our safeties being so good in the box, I say we hold them to under 60 as well.

Last year they got over 300 yards passing with nearly 25 yards per completion. Without Reynolds, I doubt that happens this year, but you never know.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they get off a few passes if our corners try to cheat up, but you’re right that it won’t happen much without Reynolds. He was a really good QB. The guy behind center now is nowhere close to being on that level. Our secondary just needs to trust the guys in the box to do their jobs and we’ll be just fine.

I’m going to go with 80 yards, but less than 200 yards overall.

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