Really…7-28 AF

All we have left is Memphis to improve our conference SOS.

How about Louisville !

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OU had a couple of mishaps to start the game and then scored 21 straight points. Texas showed they really aren’t top 25 material. Baylor is looking at being the worst unbeaten team in the country. I think OU goes undefeated in the Big12 this year.

Hopefully Louisville beats Clemson but Florida State just lost at home to NCState so it’s hard to know if Louisville is good enough yet.

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Don’t speak too soon about OU… SMH if they blow this lead.

Memphis getting drilled by Ole Miss right now. 24-7 at half. Not been a great day for the ole SOS so far.

Hopefully OU pulls this game out.

Hah, Big 12 refs! :joy:

Announces that it’s not intentional grounding and then announces 30 seconds later that it is intentional grounding.

Gundy approves, B12 pays good money for those officials


Good deal, OU wins

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Memphis had about as much chance of beating Ole Miss two years in a row as UConn had of beating us two years in a row. Ole Miss is out for blood. If Memphis doesn’t get beat by 3 TDs, Ole Miss wasn’t as hungry for revenge as I thought.

Wow…Air Force is 4-0 this year. Hopefully, they can make a run on running the table. Have to love that out of a military school. What a unique and neat situation that would be, if they could go unbeaten.

I don’t give 2 cents for Ole Miss, specially since they couldn’t do all of the other schools a big favor and beaten Alabama.

Navy is bad. One of the worst Navy teams in last 10 years. Lot of injuries. We’ll smoke by 30 if we’re not playing in a hurricane

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