NBA Execs Say These College Coaches Are Perfect for the Pros - Stadium

5) Kelvin Sampson, Houston – 28 points
“He’s a really good coach and he knows the league. Remember, he was with the Spurs, Bucks and Rockets. That would give him some credibility.”

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Actually, CKS would be a terrible pro coach. He demands defensive responsibility…which is something today’s NBA doesn’t believe in…at least until the second or third round of the playoffs. His style would wear thin on those coddled pros.


I don’t think he would coach the same style if he went back to the NBA. Since he knows how things work already he would switch up. I think the biggest issue would be age.


Same. I think he’d be a great NBA coach but it doesn’t seem like the ideal move for him or for a team based on his age. Seems like he’s in a great spot and very happy with life in general now.


#12 should be #1, please make it happen…please!!!

I think CKS will land in the league eventually, maybe when granddaughter starts school. He was a very highly respected assistant. Who wouldn’t want to cash out and go at the highest level when you have about 2 or 3 good years left before retiring? Agree he would be different in the NBA. And honestly I could also see him coming back in older age and being an assistant on Kellens bench all that would be fine with me. I also think if Rockets come open regardless of timing and they want him he’s gonna have a hard time saying no.

If CKS is going to leave going to the NBA from us would be a great look for our program vs. going to another school.

It could work out like that and I can’t blame anyone for making all the money they can in the twilight of their career.
That said, you can bet his son will be the next UH coach and will be a good one…and if it just so happened it would be nice to have dad nearby…it’s a win-win for UH

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Dan touched on this a couple of posts up…the NBA is a grind and would likely take CKS away from his family far more than his gig here. No chance he’s going to miss time with that grandchild for quite awhile.

When he’s ready to give up the red tie for good I can see him in a dual role as unpaid ‘assistant’ to Kellen here and working with the Rox in some way.

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I don’t think Tilman would do that to the Coogs. Wasnt he on the BOD when that hire was made? If so those decisions come with the understanding that a board member won’t seek personal gain or act contrary to the interests of the board.

Not sure if that applies to after he leaves but it wouldn’t be in accordance with longstanding board etiquette.

If KS wants the NBA he could go but I don’t think the Rockets will be it.

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College defensive teams show lots more basketball, imo