NBA Free Agency

Let the madness begin
Some of these contracts are so gross lol

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And it gets worse every year.

Lowry going to Miami doesn’t bode well for Deeky.

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Yeah Miami was always going to get a PG, that doesn’t really affect Deeky. He wasn’t actually going to play this year. It’s like hinton, he never really got in the court

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Smart for the Rockets to get rid of Wall by next year. He has a bad contract. May have to attach something to move him.

Trust me the rockets are trying every way they can to get rid of wall

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Good lord that is gross

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There’s going to be a lot of really crap contracts initially and then some really strong value ones later in the period. Salary cap didn’t increase by much so a lot of these teams are going to punch themselves out.

Rockets only signed Theis. Smart. He plays defense and does the dirty work as a veteran. One more “bad” year record wise, then you start to sign some good veteran help in a better free agent class or trade for it & possibly land a Top 10 pick. Plus, Rockets are going to look attractive to potential free agents in the future. :rocket::rocket::rocket:

Btw, I know it’s not smart to have a full roster filled by youngsters no matter how good/great they can potentially can become, but I’ll say one more bad season tops before Rockets start winning for a playoff; this ain’t no trust the process BS or the Oklahoma City Thunder situation. A 2 season of missing the playoffs rebuild ain’t nothing from a ground up total rebuild.

I predict a 32-34 win season.

21-22 - $44 million owed. It will be tough.

22-23 - $47 million expiring contract aka salary cap space in 23-24. It should be easy to get value.

Wall’s uniform:


Duncan Robinson sets the $ record for an undrafted guy. Started at a d3 school before Michigan.

Chris Paul had a great year but he will be 40 when this contract is done.

They may have to attach a future 1st rd pick when the Rockets should be good. Eric Gordon should be easier because of his 3 pt shot and solid defense.

I feel like the hard cap per team is approaching $1 billion per year. Those numbers are outrageous.

Which makes me wonder how ungodly outrageous the owner’s paychecks are.

Or keep Wall through the contract.
Gives them 2 full seasons to figure the upside of these promising rookies and have Walls salary slot for a superstar after 22-23. (or 2 or 3 solid veterans)

Regardless. Things are looking up.