NBA Summer League Thread

Summer League Schedule

Sunday August 8th
Toronto vs New York (Grimes) 3:30 PM ESPN2
Houston (Armoni) vs Cleveland 5:30 PM ESPN2
Denver vs Miami (Dejon) 9:00 PM NBA TV

Monday August 9th
Dallas (Nate) vs Philadelphia 3:00 PM NBA TV

Tuesday 10th
Detroit vs Houston (Armoni) 8:00 PM ESPN

Wednesday 11th
Miami (Dejon) vs Memphis 4:00 PM NBA TV
Utah vs Dallas (Nate) 8:00 PM NBA TV
New York (Grimes) vs L.A. Lakers 9:00 PM ESPN2

Thursday 12th
Houston (Armoni) vs Toronto 7:00 PM NBA TV

Friday 13th
Miami (Dejon) vs Utah 4:00 PM ESPNU
New York (Grimes) vs Detroit 7:00 PM NBA TV

Saturday 14th
Denver vs Dallas(Nate) 4:00 PM NBA TV
Atlanta vs Miami (Dejon) 3:00 PM ESPN2
Cleveland vs New York (Grimes) 7:00 PM ESPN2

Sunday 15th
Dallas (Nate) vs Sacramento 4:00 PM ESPN2
Orlando vs Houston (Armoni) 7:00 PM NBA TV

Monday 16th
playoffs/ consolation games

Tuesday 17th
Championship/consolation games

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Career defining week for Dejon…Big week for Nate… Armoni/Grimes will have inseason opportunities, so negative play not that big of a deal, but a chance for them to start building a brand for themselves and start making a claim for more minutes/starting roles


dejon will be rocking 53

And Dotson still has one more year remaining on his 2 year contract with Cleveland . Guaranteed 2 mil.

I wish we had picked up Jericho Sims…he’s going to be a great pro

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Kevin Knox :joy::joy::joy:

McBride will be a good one.
Also have Rose on the team.

whats wrong with Knox

he is heading into his 4 year and still doing summer league… it normally reserved for 1 and 2nd year players…and 2 way/unsigned players fighting for contracts

its unusal for a contract player to be doing summer league this long… he is actually trending on social media and people are roasting him

He’s only 21…He may just need a new team

Idiots can roast them all they want. The guy wants to play ball and do it in front of as many as possible.Good for him!


I wish I was the suckiest NBA player.


Garuba will be playing against Team USA at 11:40 tonight.
Also have Sergio Llull who Morey tried really hard for 3 years to convince to be a Rocket.

potential 1st look at dejon tonight and tomorrow… a few pre summer league scrimmages/exhibitions (dont count towards summer league standings)

Thank you. Just tuned in!!

Dejon not starting. Hope he isn’t injured still.

Probably in the bench.

Can’t wait for the Rockets. They’ll going to be loaded.

dejon isnt even on the bench…there are other injured players on the bench…something goof or bad is happening…
obvious bad scenarios… the potential good is they are treating dejon like a draft pick like previously statd and dont need playing in summer league exhibitions

Dejon is so far on the end of the bench, i had to freeze frame to find him…

Didn’t he get a 2 way contract ?

Probably saving him for Vegas :sunglasses: