NBC Notre Dame and Big 12?

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I get that it’s a win for ND to remain independent and get more revenue to be able to do so despite the revenue disparity. I get that it’s a win for NBC to expand their college football coverage and revenue stream for them. What I don’t feel is that it’s a win for the B12 if NBC is using the value generated in ad revenue from of our content that we’re providing to pay ND. That’s money out of our pockets just for the honor of playing a game before or after ND? Nah I’m good. If we’re that valuable to be able to boost ND then were that valuable to keep that money for ourselves on CBS or whatever network package.

Count me as a no to using our content revenue to bolster up a greedy blue blood. Now if ND gives us what they’re giving the ACC in a scheduling agreement for certain amount of games then I’m listening. Nothing less than that though.


Be great to watch the coogs beat the domers in their stadium.

I explained what the Big 12 gets out of it in the “What we get out of it” section.

We get the exposure of being on network television and before/after a Notre Dame game.

Are you under the impression that we would be giving NBC the game for free? We would most certainly not. I’m not sure where you’re getting this "money out of our pockets’ thing from.


Maybe I’m misreading things but “bolster” to me means being able to pay out the NBC contract. There’s no way that ND home games are now worth 5x as much in actual value so they have to get that value from somewhere else.

Notre Dame is seeking a deal that would pay $75 million annually to the school to renew its contract with NBC; the parties will continue negotiations over the next two to three weeks. CBS reports that Notre Dame’s current deal with NBC has an annual payout of $15 million.

CBS Sports reports that if NBC were to sign such a deal, it would look to acquire shoulder programming — pre- and post-game content — to bolster its deal with Notre Dame. That likely would manifest as additional games involving Power 5 conferences.


Will ND play big12 schools more often? That would be a big deal.

I think that means that they would be looking to add Big 12 games before and after their ND broadcasts, which would presumably result in money to the Big 12 schools.

Or at least, that’s the way that I read it.

I guess I could be mistaken, but I imagine it is something like that.

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I think its a value-added thing for both parties. The B12 brings big time competitive match-ups that will keep people’s eyes on the screen before and after ND games. We get our TV money and excellent exposure in prime slots for the effort.

If you want to be affiliated with a brand, even superficially, Notre Dame is where its at.

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Hope not NBC. They dropped their cable sports channel so the have Channel 2 and streaming. Anything of value on Peacock is on premier. They put the Indycar Toronto on Peacock Premier which means I would spend $5 to watch it. They’ll do the same with many of our games.


I’m not signing off on anything that costs CV $5. Not gonna do it.


NBC needs more viewers to make the ND TV $ work.
B12 fans who keep watching from the before ND game and/or tune in early for the after ND game is the plan.

B12 also gets them a fair % of hardcore fans who probably don’t watch ND but watch CFB all day saturday. I’m in that demographic.

Use Am Ex and get $4.99 back for 3 months. Basically the whole CFB season if this works out.
They have had this deal since Peacock opened.


I see it could work

Yeah that’s not how I’m reading it. I’ve seen other pundits say that to afford a $75M ND contract NBC would need to supplement it with other content. How is that anything other than taking revenue from another stream, potentially the B12, to pay ND?

ND plays Marshall and UNLV at home this season. Those type of games are suddenly worth $10M per up from $2M at the moment? That’s bogus. And the B12 shouldn’t entertain such an arrangement where their content supplements ND unless ND signs up to make some of those games against B12 teams and even then I might pass on it.

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I don’t get the impression that they’ll be taking money from the Big 12 to pay ND.

I get the impression that Big 12 games will be added to a package that will make it possible for them to pay ND $75 million, presumably with some money also heading the Big 12’s way, as all network broadcasts would.

Maybe I’m reading that incorrectly, but I doubt it.

As for ND, ANYBODY they play is a money winner for TV. That school’s “subway alumni” following is so strong nationally that they can literally play the little sisters of the poor on Saturday and there will still be a big major network television audience ready to watch it.


I think they are considering our games before and after ND like we are playing a blueblood since a lot of ND fans will be watching our games on the Notre Dame/NBC station. This will give us higher viewership than normal.

Therefore a portion of dollars from our games will go to ND. We get dollars and exposure on a linear TV.

I think it’s a win win situation.

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I’m not sure I agree. If we get on over the air broadcast tv then that exposure is golden.

Just like taking less money to be on espn instead of more to be on fox.

I think putting a ND in between our games is good for us bc thru out the broadcast, they will say up next ND grabbing extra ND fans watching the end of our games and catching the first part of the last game afterwards. It will bring attention to big12 games.

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