NCAA agrees to $920 million, 8-year deal with ESPN for women's March Madness,

Not sure how this affects our revenue share from the Big 12.


Damn shame we won’t see the tourney any time soon.

But we can remain horrible and get a pay raise!


How does this happen? We are one of rhe few Jumpman programs

I believe only NCAAF and NCAAM have conference payouts. This deal basically covers the costs to put on all other sport’s NCAA tournaments (70+M/year) and NCAA admin costs. IDK what the splits are, but pre-covid I read it was close to $75M/year cost to put on non-rev NCAA tournaments. This includes obscure sports UH does not participate in, such as fencing.

Who watches?

Obviously someone does or ESPN wouldn’t be paying for the content.

I guess

Its better basketball than the NBA

Strange that you’d ask who watches when it sounds like you do. Maybe you should have said “who else watches?”

Though the deal wasn’t only for women’s college basketball.

I give it 10 sec before i change the channel and watch the Walton’s. NBA, i skip right to the Walton’s.

10 seconds? Sure. Must be longer than that as you said it was better than the NBA.

No just thought it was a mens game when I saw that they were not anymore athletic than me i turned the channel.

Ahhh… yes, in 10 seconds.