NCAA approves AAC request to host 2020 football title game with 11 teams —


Hard to say no when they did it for the Big 12.


CUSA Sun Belt and MWC teams go crying. We’re the elitists now yes.


Huge news! Going to the old Big 10 model when they played 11 teams.

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Is this something that will require a new waiver request every year? It sounds that way from the blurb.

So now the AAC are the Big 12 of the G5


No, we never claimed to be ‘The American 12’ or 14 or whatever number and we didn’t run a gigantic dog and pony show before deciding to stand pat.


12 is such a nice round number, I hope we go back to and add someone.

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Sun Belt and Conference USA were probably supportive. AAC would have to get its 12th team from somewhere.

MWC might be unhappy, though.


Big deal.
What does that gives us?
Does this bring us to a P5 status?
All of these articles are “articles” The true reality is that the ncaa has permitted/allowed this P5 scam. There should be a real political lobbying to change what has been force fed to everyone. Are we so dazed and confused that we should just accept it?
Our commish is so concern with P6? When was the last time he was on capitol hill trying to break the cartel? He has never done it. I will call our commish the way he should be called. He is being supported by the cartel and is basically playing a “double” game.
The longer he keeps “us” together the further the divide will be. That you can count on it.

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The BIG never had a CCG when they were at 11 teams.

When PSU joined in 1993 they went from 10 teams to 11.

When Nebraska joined in 2011, and they went from 11 to 12 they added a championship game.

Yes. We will have to get a new waiver after 2021.

And again and again until the powers that be decide that it can be permanent or that they don’t like it and we have to add a 12th team.

While I do agree, the XII plays a round robing schedule (all 10 teams play the 9 other opponents annually).

In this scenario the AAC has 11 teams playing 8 games annually meaning you miss out on 2 teams each year.

We are in the same situation as the BIG who had 11 teams but no championship game for almost 20 years.

I was referring to the regular season schedule, where you had two yearly opponents, then a group of six rotating opponents.


It can def. create some unbalanced schedules. IIRC Ohio State’s 2 yearly teams were PSU/Michigan.

That would be like if our two yearly teams were Cincinnati/UCF. It works okay when there is no CCG and you just tie for the conference title, but when there are tie breakers, etc. to get to the championship game it could be either a blessing or a curse depending on the year (assuming the waiver gets extended past 2020).

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UConn to get a $1m payday to play at UCF on 11/20/2021

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Yes UCF let us down with that decision .

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Due to unbalanced scheduling of an 11 team league, the AAC teams are going to have numerous open dates during october/november when most teams are playing league games only.

I would expect to see several other AAC teams fill theirs with UConn if we stay at 11 past 2021.

Not that I want it to happen just that when you have 11 teams at least 1 team can’t play a league game every week.

UConn was the eighth conference game so I would expect the commissioner would add a conference hame in place of UConn. This will keep us at 8 conference games.

Maybe it’s UCFs 4th non conference addition.

It’s a “A one sided Rivalry Game”…CivilConflict.