NCAA Approves Transfer Rules

"Combine the number of transfers with the NCAA’s decision to give athletes in all sports a free year of eligibility because of the pandemic and there is little doubt that there will be more scholarship-worthy major college football players than available scholarships over the next few seasons.

Coaches have already begun lobbying for relief in the form of increasing either the yearly cap of 25 signees or the overall roster cap of 85 scholarship players. Brown is among those who have mentioned allowing programs to add a transfer if they lose a transfer.

The concern, especially in football, is that a wave of departures after spring practice could lead to a depleted roster and no means to fill it."

I am for the one-time transfer. If coaches can leave in the blink of an eye, so should a player.

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I agree in theory.

But I worry about the possibility of other teams recruiting already-signed (or rostered) players. This would result in coaches having to basically “re-recruit” every year players already on the roster.

There’s no too much to be done about the coaches. But I think the more movement in players hurts the sport, at least at the lower levels. What’s to stop a P5 team from taking the top 3 or 4 players from each class of other schools after they’ve proven to be quality players? I’m sure there’s still a prohibition against “tampering,” but wake me up when that’s enforced.

As long as they enforce the tampering protections.

Two recruiting periods means twice the paycheck for the players. Since you are paying for a player that might leave that means the initial payments are going to be a lot lower. The second recruitment period is where they make their jack.

At least the money will be based on seeing the kid against college competition instead of high school competition.

The money will be spent efficiently now.

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I think a Recruiting Coordinator will quickly become an absolutely necessary position at FBS schools in the near future to keep track of HS and transfer athletes, both coming and going players. The HC, OC, and DC will need regular updates to determine area of needs by position and experience and what we need to pursue in the portal and coming out of HS.