NCAA Council eliminates restrictions on recruiting class sizes, FBS conference title game requirements

The scholarship thing makes sense.

If a school’s program has a large number of players enter the transfer portal, then why in the name of Hell shouldn’t they be allowed to sign enough additional players to get up the 85 limit max prior to the next football season?

Seems like a no-brainer to me!

As for the championship game thing, I guess every conference should be able to choose how it names its champion, BUT…

I’m guessing that the media people will still have a lot of influence on precisely how that happens.


Scholarship thing makes sense and helps the highschool kids who were affected by the COVID year.

The championship thing, doesn’t help us if someone has a cupcake season or playing multiple people in the BiG12. Just makes it more likely we won’t have a all Texas division.

I like FIVE permanent rivals and 3 in a rotation in the B12.

In a perfect world:
Give UH the 3 Texas schools, Okie State and BYU.

More realistic:
TX schools, one of UCF or Cinn, and one of KU, Iowa State, or KSU.

I understand the method behind 3 permanent / 5 in a rotation.
Does it really matter if a four year class misses a single away or home game vs 1 or 2 teams VS 5 teams every year really jacking up the rivalries


I can imagine a scenario in which Baylor, TCU, Tech, Okie State, and perhaps BYU are our five permanent rivals.

The other three opponents would rotate.

Fine with me!

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Scheduling wise that’s the same for us as one of the more likely division proposals. (With some of the same problems as division proposals)

Also I think we stick with nine conference games don’t we?

I based that based on the current scuttlebutt but its not B12 centric.

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Seems like pac 12 is ok now better chance at playoffs like us or anyone. None are moving now.

Now we can end the usc etc to big 10

Thank God!

I’m sure some will still try and be negative but oh well here we go again.

“If you’re a school – say Houston, BYU, Cincinnati or UCF – going to a new conference and you want to compete right away: You can flip your roster quickly by getting rid of players you don’t think are fits and adding players who are.”

I think we’re way ahead on that

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MWC was one of few conferences that broke cleanly.

I wonder if they’ll keep the same scheduling. I guess 4-4-4 would also work.