NCAA declares that all 6-6 teams must get bowl bids before 5-7 teams

This is to close a loophole that allowed bowls to select 5-7 teams ahead of 6-6 teams for their bowls and caused a MWC team to play another MWC team in a bowl last year (Nevada played Colorado State in the Arizona Bowl last year after other bowls selected 5-7 Nebraska and 5-7 Minnesota instead).

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So I gather a bowl committee will have to ask BackWaterHiddenInTheWoods U. with a 6-6 record ahead of 5-7 Mississippi or 5-7 40 acres … eh …

Well that is one way to eliminate the bowls from existence … no one wants to see BackWater U play Wossamotta U. except the chipmunks and Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Nebraska is a BackWater U. That is why it was 5-7. :smiling_imp:

Seems fair to the 6-6 teams.

Anyone with a 5-7 record doesn’t deserve to go to a bowl game, NCAA should set a minimum 7 wins so a team would at least have a “winning” record to go to a bowl.

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Plus, if the 7-5 team loses the bowl, they still have a winning season. It makes no sense to me to reward a 6-6 school with a bowl when a loss means a losing season.

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Getting to six wins and padding the win column is why many schools have a creampuff on their schedule.

This is a good thing. A 5-7 ANYBODY getting a bowl bid devalues the entire system. I say nuke the 6-6 teams as well.

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