NCAA Golf Women’s regional

I thought I saw this started early, but can’t find it now. Day one standings. Top 5 teams advance. Pretty good day, in the hunt. Going to be a dog fight.
Go Coogs!



A good day for the Ladies. They have moved into second place, but only 6 strokes separate 2nd and 7th. The top 5 teams advance. Tomorrow will be huge!

The Coog’s Moa Svedenskiold is in first place by one stroke as well!


Hope they make the top 5

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Not off to a good start, heading in the wrong direction. Unfortunately this has been an issue all year in final round. Hopefully they can turn it around.

The sub in the 5 spot is toast thru the front 9 so hopefully no one in spots 1-4 implodes on the back 9. Looking at scores it appears the front hasn’t been friendly to anyone so hopefully we take advantage on the back.

:slightly_frowning_face:. Really need to get something going.

Getting interesting.

Yup….can’t refresh often enough!

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Gonna be ashame if they choke it away again in a tournament

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Looks like they are going to need some implosion from the teams ahead of us. Our round is almost finished. Nice birdie on 18 by Kang, birdied 2 of the last 3 holes.

Not a productive last hour here at work.

Freaking double bogey. What a back breaker.


Great job with the bounce back birdie on 18 for Saldana. We got who we want on 18 for a shot at another birdie.

The 9th hasn’t been an easy hole and Tulsa and Georgia both have two players finishing on it.


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Moa our last hope. Tulsa finished and it looks like we lose the tiebreaker to them.

Is it not a playoff?

I tried looking it up and all I could find was division two playoff rules, and they alluded to scorecard playoff with existing players. When they did show a tie between us and Tulsa on the scoreboard, there was a dark line under Tulsa leading me to believe that they would advance instead of us

2 birdies for Georgia on the last hole. :anguished: we have 2 and need a third.