NCAA looking into rule changes on low blocks on UH's Ed Oliver

“He’s had reason to be frustrated or distracted with some of the things that have come at him, some of the ways people have tried to attack him with the blocking schemes,” Applewhite said. “I’ve even been told some of the people on the rules committee are looking at some of the things that have been done to Ed that might be taken out of the rulebook that are legal plays right now.”


I agree with this proposition. You shouldn’t be able to cut block period. It risks their livelihood as players IMO. If someone can’t block the guy in front of him then he needs to get off of the field. Chopping at a player’s leg/joint is the equivalent to a player driving all of his weight into a QB after the pass was released; it promotes shoulder injuries and broken collar bones. In this instance, it can cause unnecessary injuries to the ACL or MCL.


If cut blocks get ruled out, the service academies might as well drop to D3, because they’re never going to be competitive again.

I think complete outlaying of the cut block is going too far. But just like defenseless player rules the target has to have the chance to protect themselves by coming across the face/waist. If the cut blockers head ends up behind the legs it should be an illegal chop block.

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The risk is the same. Its about contact to the area, not whether they are defenseless or not.

They do need to do something in this area. I believe it was the ECU game but could have been another where on a pass play, Ed is standing up and pushing the lineman back and other lineman went low from the side. Absolutely not necessary and could have caused injury if both of Ed’s feet don’t come up off the ground.

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Yup. The “block” isn’t worth the injury.

It was the Temple game that hurt EO

Those cut blockers better not be playing for their church rec leagues or they’re gonna be in BIG trouble.

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