NCAA Proposal Will Grant Transfers Immediate Eligibility


This will become a free agent in college.

It already is especially at the highest level. Most guys already know where there going before they hit the portal.

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this could be really good for us…those 4 stars that go off to bama, lsu, OU, just to be told they won’t start cuz there are other upperclassmen with more experience ahead of you…can come back home and start for us
could change what we tell a prospect in the initial recruiting phase…hey we know you really want to play at Texas but when they fire the coach next year, we will be here ready for you.


Loser is the high school kid now

Kid A is over recruited cause they had one weekend to shine and goes high major but sucks and sees the writing on the wall

Kid A is in the portal and Mid major school like us may offer a hot Hs prospect but kid A is now available with 3 years left at least and fulfills an immediate need ASAP

UH offers kid A, bumps high school kid down and that kid keeps getting bumped down as other D-1 schools cherry pick from the portal when mid majors start cutting their losses who underachieved

Someone may end up getting an above average HS class as a result but can new age AD wait for that class to grow up together when other schools literally will recruit transfers?

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This is huge news! With CKS now being able to give freshmen real game exposure without losing a year of eligibility, 2021-22 is looking even better than it already was. No more wondering if Shead or Powell will need to redshirt. This is huge for future development of the young guys. It also means a deeper bench to help with foul trouble or tough tourney schedules. Of course, it means that for everyone else too, but seems extra beneficial for teams that play as hard as ours.

I still would like to see a red shirt rule similar to what football has. Doesn’t even have to be 1/3 of the season like football. Something like 5-7 games.

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I’m not at all against this rule change, but it is most certainly going to create a free agent atmosphere in college sports. I hope there can be some kind of shield to protect players from being recruited during a season.


That’s a good point about being recruited during the season. I bet Will Wade will be dropping bags after games :grinning:. I feel bad for the HS kids more than anything. They will have to compete with transfers more than ever now. If a kid has a committable offer he better take it if he likes that school. Coaches rather have experienced/older players than freshman most of the time.

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Pretty sure he already is. I still have no idea how he’s not in prison, much less still coaching basketball.

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Oh you’re harsh as f. I wouldn’t say prison but how about ban from coaching again and a big fine.

I say prison because the shoe company guys are going to prison so why not Wade? He’s in on the same thing.