NCAA Regional Tickets

I need two all-session passes. I’m willing to pay for them at face value and I will add something extra (more cash or a gift card) to make it worth your while. 1994 UH grad (BA - Pol Sci) and I want to attend the games with a friend of mine who is a 1994 TAMU grad. Your help is much appreciated. I’m afraid if I wait until Thursday, when the tickets are released for sale to the general public, they will all be gone. The Houston Regional is going to be a hot ticket. UH, TAMU and BU will show up in force, and Iowa is a solid travel school for most sports (football, basketball and baseball). Exciting times for UH. Lots of good, positive publicity. Schroeder Park should be packed. With the Astros on the road, UH will be the place to be for Houston area baseball fans! These games will be sold out. Any help is MUCH appreciated. Post if you can assist. Many thanks.

I’ll help if you donate to UH Cougar Pride instead of giving me the extra :smiling_imp:


Deal. How much to CP?

Anything helps. Just as long as I get to Refer you.

OK, I will fill-out the form and donate $250. Do I put Eric Prado in the Referrer section? Send me your Referrer Acct #. I’ll do this today. I need two all-session passes/tickets. I want to watch all of the games with my Aggie friend. And, when UH wins the regional, I want to celebrate in front of him. Many thanks.


Sure. It should open for me on Tuesday morning.

E-mail me at Once I have your e-mail address, I will send you proof that I have filled out the form, wrote the check, and I will drop it in the mail tonight. Also, we can exchange info about how I get the two all-session passes from you. Many thanks, again.

Well played




I’ve heard from some that a lot of the tickets are already gone. About 30 tickets remain for 100-200 sections and about 300 left in GA as of about 6 pm. Sounds like this thing will be sold out before Thursday.

Good if true, so long as it’s UH fans, just hope as a Cougar Pride Member, I get a shot at purchasing some.

Got 3 on the 3rd base side GA. Only singles left in 100-200 sections and only 5 total. Only 11 total in GA left now. Still tickets available in the grass.

There may be more available later when the schools return their unsold.

lol yea. they were flying out the door. I had to refresh every time I selected a seat.

Yep, gone except for the grass

Got two GA, so I’m happy. I thought the GA was going to be the grass berms only…

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I believe it is

I don’t get why they made most of the stadium GA. What a waste of money.

Not what the seating chart showed…I got two in the upper deck on the third base side.

I just checked using my sign in (I’m a CP member) and the only tickets were on berms. What’s up?

GOT single tik sec 103. got it early. only thg I see left is very few on grass 3rd base side. During season GA was 2nd level on way around not sure how they did it for Regionals !