NCAA Round of 32 Action - Saturday

Well, the streak of good openers has ended as Villanova is taking Alabama to the woodshed:

50-28 Villanova with 15:00 to go

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Avery Johnson is Alabama Coach…I think at one time UH was considering him or his name was brought up before James Dickey became coach. They are getting murdered. ALABAMA look like a non P5 team in this tourney…I wish we could have a real Tourney in College Football…

Loyola knocks off Tennessee to continue their Cinderella run

Kansas-Seton Hall at the half so everything is about on track for our game to start close to the expected time right now.

Kansas leads by 5.

Sets up well for Cincy in that region if they take care of business today.


Such a messy bracket. 1, 3 and 4 already eliminated in the first two rounds and Cincy hasn’t even played yet.