NCAA T&F Championships Friday (Coogs finish 3rd)

Friday schedule for the Coogs:

8:12pm: 110m Hurdles - Lattin in Lane 8
8:22pm: 100m - Burke in Lane 5
8:32pm: 400m - Igbokwe in Lane 3, Montgomery in Lane 5
8:57pm: 400m Hurdles - Lattin in Lane 4
9:07pm: 200m - Burke in Lane 6
9:51pm: 4x400 - Houston in Lane 4

Live Results: NCAA Division I Championships

Video: ESPN will start coverage at 7:30pm

Other events to watch:
7:00pm: High Jump - Georgia has 2; Texas Tech, LSU, Florida each have 1 of 24 jumpers
7:05pm: Discus - Texas Tech and Georgia each have 1 of 24 throwers
7:32pm: 4x100 - Florida in Lane 5, LSU in Lane 6, Texas Tech in Lane 7
7:40pm: Triple Jump - Texas Tech has 2; Florida, LSU, and BYU have 1 of 24 jumpers
7:41pm: 1500m - BYU has 1 of 12 runners
7:54pm: 3000m Steeplechase - BYU has 4 of 12 runners
8:12pm: 110m Hurdles - Florida in Lane 5
8:22pm: 100m - Florida in Lane 4, Texas Tech in Lane 6
8:32pm: 400m - Florida in Lane 9
8:44pm: 800m - Texas Tech in Lane 4 and 9
8:57pm: 400m Hurdles - Texas Tech in Lane 3
9:07pm: 200m - Texas Tech in Lane 2 and 5, Florida in Lane 8
9:25pm: 1500m - BYU has 2 of 24 runners
9:51pm: 4x400 - Florida in Lane 8

If Tech is going to win, they have to do it by the 200m. If Florida and Houston are within range after that event, the 4x400 could be wild and decide everything.

I included Georgia, BYU, and LSU even though none will probably score enough to be in the running. However, stranger things have happened.

Updated Flotrack projections after Thursday’s events…Tech lost another point:

If not for a dropped baton …


Not having to run the 4x1 may help us since UH runners will run 2 races vs 3 for TT or Florida… hoping Burke is rested to run Divine :muscle:t2:


So close to watch-witness UH win a Natty in Track&Field… one of my :100:bucket List


Making a quick road trip this evening has been crossing my mind quite a bit…:grin:

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Oh boy:

COMING IN TO AUSTIN, the NCAA men’s team-title race looked to be a 2-way battle. After the finish of the decathlon at Mike Myers Stadium on Thursday night it’s still a 2-way battle, but with one big difference: the team chasing Texas Tech is now Houston, not LSU. The Cougars had a superb first day and the Tigers did not. Meanwhile, Wes Kittley’s Red Raiders performed about as suspected, but found their projected margin of victory shrinking from 10 to 5 after Wednesday action and then to a single point once deca results rolled in.

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Looking at potential points tonight (Florida, Tech, and UH sit at 8 points right now)

Max points teams can score tonight:

  • Texas Tech: 86
  • Florida: 80
  • Houston: 68
  • BYU: 67 (Currently have 21)
  • LSU: 30 (Currently have 18)
  • Georgia: 28 (Currently have 22)

Does that mean that our chances to win the natty are slim?

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Not really…just means that Tech and Florida have a little more room for error.

This day has been going by so slow…

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Field events going now. Agonizing waiting for our guys.

Florida wins The 4x100 and breaks UH’s record from last year. Tech finishes 3rd.

LSU DNF after dropping the baton.

TT finished 3rd and leaves points on the table…

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TT high jumper way back in 17th.,

Georgia jumpers 3rd and 4th…

Flotrack adds a point to Tech’s total after the 4x100. No change to Florida.

LSU now not expected to finish top 10.

Dwight Stone got me hyped when he said Tech dropped the baton. Only to correct himself…ugh.


Yep…that was a major blunder by Stone.