Ncaa tournament chances

The ladies have a NET ranking of 54. They have an outside chance to make it to the tournament this year. They are favored in the rest of their regular season games except for USF of course. Win 4 of next 5 and 2 games in tournament and they should be in a good spot to get a possible at large bid. Its a long shot but there is a small chance.


They finally seem to be putting it together. I jusy hope that they get a bid and not at 16 or 15…but a bid would be the first in years!

Is it like men’s where you need to be up around #40 to get an at large?

espn puts us as the 1st team out

and favored to win all every game the rest of the regular season except for usf

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Our updated net is 55 now

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Won again tonight against Wichita…

Coogs lead 10-6 after 1 qtr against #13 USF.
WIN would go long way to get into Tourney

Jess you are pretty plugged in on UH sports. Know anything about what happened to daphane white?

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No, I don’t. He’s had some turnover last couple yrs though. Can’t remember the girl that one was one of leading scorers left program in middle of last year. Plus another one left at end of year to another program so she could get to play in Tourney. Have to hand it to Coach though he has kept plugging others in. Not sure abt White though.

Yea shame if she is gone. We could use her height. But if shewas a distraction to team, she needed to go. Just speculating of course.


Ladies basketball, oh so close…

The first four teams out of the Tournament. #ncaaW

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Women’s NIT has 32 teams this year. Coogs back in Fort Worth.

How is a team 24-0 and in the NIT?

Had to do some research, they are still in the NCAA transition period coming from D2. Aren’t eligible for NCAA tournament until year 4 (which is next year for them).

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