NCAA Transfer Change

Just read an article (US Today Dan Wolken Opinion) about NCAA Transfer rule change being proposed for one time automatic transfer for major sports.
I’ve only heard a little but the article gives a lot of information.

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So the G5 will be the farm league for the P5. Okay


I’ve said this before but this will create a mess.

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Will be? They already are a farm league. Have you been out of the country for the last 6 years?

Where is the article link so the rest of us can read it?

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Finally got it linked.

Should be if you want to play “down” to G5 you can play right away.
If you want to play “up” you have to sit a year unless you are a graduate
transfer. Otherwise, we are the minor leagues, guys just playing until they get
the call. For example, if a USC thinks they can make a run with the team coming
back next year, they just need a couple of pieces, they go calling around until they
find the players they need promising a shot at the NC. You also have to create a
path to the NC for G5, so if a team gets hot, you give them a shot. Couldn’t be any
worse than how OU has been blownout the past two times. It needs to be a legitimate shot,
where they are in the conversation from the get go.

I would think the best teams in the P5 and the AAC will benefit.

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This is why every P5 win is huge, and we lead the G5 with P5 wins over the past 10 years.

The University of Houston would benefit from all the area talent that leaves home to go to some foreign land to play football only to realize how much they miss Mama’s home cooking.