Nebraska Decision to Leave B12 reviewed

No regrets. Great read. Maybe some lessons in here for UH come time for realignment if offered by some other conference.



Loved the Big12 when i was growing up. Such a shame UT is literal poison and basically killed it. New big12 needs to make a heavy push for a network.

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I’ve always hated the B12. Now I have to love it because a family member married in.


Perfectly stated…

Confirms two theories I have always stated. Texas is the cause of the problems in whatever conference they are in… and Nebraska is no longer relevant on the national stage because of the loss of their recruiting base in Texas.

I know-- news flash, water is wet.

One thing that struck me about article. Was that their no research colllaboration among the B12 universities. Basically the conference is based solely on athletic association. Where as B1G
and PAC are academic and athletic association’s. Don’t know much about the SEC and ACC.


All Nebraska needs is a good recruiter and coach and they should be able to pull kids from texas again and win.

Mike Gundy is adamant that Nebraska’s loss of Texas recruiting base has hurt them badly. Its why OSU wants to play in Texas no matter what.

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Mike gundy is a man so I guess he knows.

But he would be wrong. A good coach with a good recruiting staff can get top texas players without playing a game in this state. Nebraska has not had good coaches.


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Gundy’s right. Scott Frost did well at UCF with all that Florida talent. He can’t get any of those kids to go to Nebraska. Why go to Nebraska when you can stay in Florida or Texas and play big time FB in your home state in front of your kinfolks


If Nebraska wants to play in Texas, we should do some 1-and-1s with them is what I say.

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Not only a man, but Mike Gundy is 40 (54 now).


They owe us one we defeated them in the Cotton Bowl 17-14 in 1979.

I think Texas putting their foot down on partial qualifiers and non-qualifiers hurt Nebraska more than anything.

The recruiting base is certainly one thing, but taking away their own little farm system is what crippled Nebraska, imo.


You asked for it.

You got look at those things. Open your eyes. How could six of you miss that? You bunch of dummies/I went to school with that guy. A lot of familiar faces.

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Another factor could be the NCAA tightening the rules on PEDs?