Nebraska Man Tells Hispanic Family To ‘Go Back to Their Country’ Before Shooting 7

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They’ll make a big deal of it but sweep all the illegal transgressions under the rug

Thankfully, it sounds like all the people shot by this crazy old man will recover.

Who gets so jacked up to shoot a 3 year old ? Mental illness or too much intake
of slanted and biased news/opinion stories ??? Just disgusting.

Can’t say I’m sorry he shot himself.

Needless to say, a gun was the “tool” of choice here yet again.

Who is they Chris ?

What “iilegal transgressions” are you referring to ?


I am actually surprised that something like this hasn’t happed already, especially along the border where many farmers and ranchers have been under daily threat of migrants on their property; I imagine many have had enough.

What threats exactly are they encountering?

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Foolish old men doing stupid things and blowing thier brains out ? Happens
all the time with old men and guns. They have a very high rate of suicide by gun.

Had enough so you murder innocent kids? Good lord.


You get told enough about an invasion by brown people from the media you consume, it may lead to taking matters into their own hands to solve the threat they were told about over and over.

Just like the elderly man who shot a black youth in KC who was knocking on the door of the wrong house to pick up his little brother, that man watched Fox News non stop.


You’re not an idiot

We should talk about both and different parts of the media does that. There is certainly bias on both sides but both get covered.


Listening to the debate i was told the Rapists and murders were coming to take “black jobs”

Many of those old white men who watch Fox News non stop see it as their job to stop the browns from taking those black jobs, jobs that “those people” took from their likeminded friends.They just want to make it great again.


Yes, you do.


What illegal transgressions did this family do?


They have been swept away like all actions by illegals. I’m sure the 3 to ten year olds had already murdered and raped a lot while also taking American jobs.

Those 2 bums who murdered the 12 year old, were working construction

How did those two bums get to Nebraska to be shot by their neighbor, Coach?

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What those 2 did was horrible, so, by your logic it justifies the killing in Nebraska?


How do we know about it if it was swept away?
And don’t our homegrown American bums murder too?