Need pressure

Dono frio needs to let guy loose after QB

Kid has all day to throw against a weak defensive secondary and that normally means disaster…


I agree

They cant stop our pass rush but we don’t rush

Just stupid!!!

Remember when i told yall he not aggressive?

True Freshman???

My god

Send a LB or safety blitz at least 50% of time

D’Onofrio blitzes like 5% of the time

Instead we have 7-8 guys in coverage and they get big pass plays anyway

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True freshnen is picking us apart

There is no way we stop these guys with that type of defense…hopefully adjustments are made at half

Unbelievable prevent defense…geez, do we have a DC

Painful to watch!!!

It seems like everyone but CMA can see that this character is unqualified to coach defense.

It would have been worse if we had not recovered that fumble deep in their territory. Ed has not made a case for any awards. He looks gassed…

Blitz is not going to help poor cb play. Quit a few missed tackles.

We have poor cb play because Bowman has 30 seconds to find a receivers

He has a quick release, this guy is better than the injuried starter.

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Sorry, but can you explain what you mean by “aggressive”? Our D is playing aggressively they’re just out of place and tipping their hand the the TT offense. There’s almost no movement from our D to confuse the QB. At this point we need to either bring a corner blitz that can run or drop everyone back, maybe even rush 2 in the middle with the 3rd lineman standing up to defend the occasional run. Once again our DB’s are playing wa off the call allowing everything over the middle and the WR’s to get into their routes quickly. We neeed to bumping them at the line and take that away if we’re gonna blitz.

I agree though that Boman is just sitting in the pocket with all day to throw while making chopped liver out of our DB’s

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Yes, but he’ll be the next Tom Freakin Brady as long as D’Onofrio is coach the opposing D.


Remember you guys picked a Coog win with Dorito as DC.

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I’m still going with that. Our DBs need to tackle. Giving a cushion is one thing, but when they close and slide off or just whiff, that spells doom for sure.

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