Need some Big 12 Fans!

You can complain till the cows come home about the coaching while sitting in your pleather recliner drinking your Bud Light, or you can get up and go to the game and support your team. We had maybe 200 (and I’m being generous) Cougars at the Tech game and about 20 at the Alumni tailgate. I’ll bet West Virginia has more fans at TDECU than we have at all away games combined. Don’t give me the distance excuse…
It was obvious to me that our team appreciated the band and the few fans we had at the Tech game…


I’ve never been to Lubbock but I will be making the trip at some point. The game is scheduled right around my birthday the last two years and that has made it impossible to go. I don’t want to go to an away game that we may not win on my birthday. Just felt like I need to clear that up.

we live in the 4th largest city in America. We will have lots of fans from every school we play that live in our city. Sure some will travel, but for WVU fans for example they aren’t traveling up there to see their own team. So all of the WVU fans in Houston are going to this game, because its their one chance to see their team play without dropping hundreds in travel.

You can probably count on one hand the number of UH alums that live in Lubbock. Not to mention TTU didn’t even fill out their seats, so why are we the problem. It was a crappy game between two teams at the bottom of the conference.


I’d ask that you retract the part about the “pleather” couch.


NBTxCoog you had me early on but bud what?

No excuses friends we should pack our stadium. The best way to complain is to make it known in the stadium.


Meh, I don’t want to drive 4 hours to watch a half of competitive football. I’ll act like a B12 fan when we have a B12 roster

I went to Lubbock last year and I have no real desire ever to go back. Driving 9 hours to get to the middle of nowhere ain’t it. I’ll be there when we play in Waco and Fort Worth, though, and I’ll make at least one trip to Stillwater.


I would be happy if “fans” just show up for home games.


Much more valid complaint :rofl:

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Good points, maybe why we play better on the road. Our 200 were spirited, the band was spirited, the opposing fans were spirited. Players feed off of high energy.

OK, Recliner…:joy:

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No problem with the drive, you just went the wrong direction. Head due west next time!

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