Need to recruit this guy


Bishop just resigned.


In all seriousness, Bishop could do wonders for that kid. The kid has some skills, although speed wonโ€™t be one of them until he drops a few pounds. Will be interesting to see if he ends up at a D1 program as a project.


All seriousness kid has skills just reminds me of Po from Kung Fu Panda just needs a Master Sifu


Dana needs some offensive linemen


Dude should walk on here just to get the training regimen from Coach Bishop. We could throw a party when Coach reveals the before pic and the after!


Imagine the crowd noise for him as a walk on coming into games. :rofl:

Maybe as DT in football. Heโ€™s already lighter than Charles-Pierre when he got here and heโ€™s 10 inches taller. Pad level will be important!

What I saw was like a 4" vertical leap that he did not need
When he wants to turn, step or make any kind of move he does so
His outside shot seems easy when he is wide open
Not many HS players could contest his 3
Throwing across court is deceptive because he has so much body it is just a flip
His hands/fingers under the rim are quick and precise
He did run down the court a couple of times and it was not unathletic

What I would like to see is a workout and Sampsonโ€™s responses
If he can play, bring him on!

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