Need two tickets OU game

Need two tickets for OU game. I have two fans that come to games when possible from San Antonio. Somehow we messed up and didn’t get tickets for them. Need help Need to purchase.
Thanks in advance
bryan wiggins

Wait until you get your tickets to see where you are sitting, then see if anyone has any for sale in the area. Also check the 3rd-parties like stubhub in that area. That is if you want your friends to sit near you.

Someone messaged me while at DR. office. It could have been a post by dskilztown with a phone number. I am now home and can’t find phone number unless dskilztown edited his post. So yes I still need tickets and yes dskitztown had some good points. Should have our season tickets by Wed.

I didn’t message you, so it wasn’t me. But until you get your tickets you have no idea where you are sitting.

It looks like I’m going to have 2 extra in section 614 on the isle. Its pretty high but the view is great. I’ll know for sure tomorrow. $125, what I paid. Text me IM if you are interested.

Thanks Mike…My friend wants to sit near us so we are looking for seats in section 334. I have a lead on two just trying to connect with holder. But thank you for responding.

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