Netflix isn't interested in live sports, according to CEO Reed Hastings

As Hastings put it, Netflix isn’t trying to be all things to all people. Their product is entertainment and storytelling. If Amazon is Walmart, think of Netflix as Starbucks, pursuing a more targeted audience, while offering a variety of products to those consumers.

I guess he doesn’t care about growth.

I think he wants to keep rates low for his customers. Sports rights fees tend to cause rates to rise.

I think that’s what additional content is for. Pay more get more.

Business 101. Netflix is never going to tell what they will do next. At this point expect the unexpected. With this statement he keeps an option open for live sports programming. Remember Netflix was not doing well just a few years back. They had to reinvent themselves. To stay relevant or profitable they will move to what matters at that time.


Netflix has so far chosen debt as its preferred method of financing its global ambitions. In the last year, the long-term debt level has more than doubled to $4.84 billion. Four years ago, the level was at just half a billion dollars.

Netflix believes that favorable interest rates make debt an attractive option and it is looking increasingly to foreign capital markets to fund its growth. In May, the company issued the equivalent of $1.84 billion in notes on the European market, due in ten years.