Never been this depressed about the end of a season

I think I’d worry more about recruits seeing the performance last night, the lack of attendance and the team being booed off the field.


Just remember, the Astros won the World Series . . . . . If they can do it, we can do it . . . . .

O/U might be closer to 85 . . . . .

Yeah, but you are comparing baseball’s to football’s…

The saddest words of both word pen is what might have been.

We could have won the AAC and a NY6 bowl this year. Our starting 22 was that good.

Alas our starting 22 didn’t last that long.


For each team? I can believe that.

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At least you are still feeling, that is a good sign.

The only time I haven’t felt anything was at Robertson and we were getting killed by Army. I had actually given up.

I fell back in love though.

Such a horrible memory.

LOL…yessir, you are on one major poly train.

There’s nothing really wrong with our offense. There were definitely some “wtf” moments in the last three games, but, it scores plenty of points to win a game. It’s our defense that kills the program. Because of it, I don’t expect any more wins. If we do, it’ll give me a smile.

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Tulane beat Memphis easily 40-24!


Tulane has a good defense. Since they started conference play, they are giving up a measly 23 ppg. But their offense is not great. In conference play, they are averaging slightly over 28 ppg.

We’re not going to have trouble putting up points against any remaining team we play this year, including Tulane. We all know Tulane will score more than their average against us, but if we can keep them under 40, I think we win. If we let them score more than 40 (which they have only done against Memphis and USF since conference play started), I think it’s a toss up.

I would just like to point out how crazy this year has been. We’ve gone from being scared to death of passing teams to actively hoping teams will pass because we can’t stop the run. Unfortunately, Tulane gets 55% of their offense (215.8 out of 395 yards per game) from the ground game, so we may not like the outcome of this Thursday’s game. But we’ll play it and find out. If Darrell Henderson at Memphis stays healthy, he could very well run for 300 on us.

They need Tulane to lose to UH and Navy to clinch the West. Memphis is in the same boat as UH - needing some help to win the West. Tulane owns H2H vs Memphis. SMU owns H2H vs. Tulane [and UH].

SMU hadnt scored more than 23 in regulation time vs FBS teams until they played us

They scored 27 in a win against Tulane, but valid point. I still think if we can hold them under 40, we’ll win. Our scoring outlier this year was against SMU and we scored 31 in that one even after being shut out in the first quarter. In every other game we’ve scored more than 40.

Oops… missed that one.