New 247 Recruit Rater Tracker

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It’s amazing how they keep dropping.

Their ratings don’t change so it doesn’t matter

One of the ratings did change

You have to understand why that happens then it makes sense. Not all recruits have a rating. As new recruits get rated, any recruits lower than them won’t change his position. When new recruits get rated higher, then he moves down. People think most of the movement is based on lower recruits passing them up but that just isn’t the case.

While that is part of the reason and you can say it is the only reason, that is not entirely true based on the tracking I did last season.
What I saw last season was that often times, not all the time, if a perceived big-time school started recruiting a prospect, his ranking within a position went up, not necessarily his rating. Moving someone up or down ranking wise is a slippery way to prop up a prospect. His rating or his stars don’t change.


They don’t change because they stop rating them for the most part but then when the power five dude comes by if equal or Lower they bump theirs up to make sure they rate them higher so their classes will be rated higher .

What does it matter? I’d rather these guys fly under the radar so they don’t get poached by the end of the recruiting trail. The players don’t care and if they do they let it be seen on the field.

We know it’s rigged for blue chips. This doesn’t matter.

We all know it beneficial to us when our guys do get past on. It gives them the attitude we need to compete against the P5s.