New 8 Story Tower at UH Hilton Hotel

These are new renderings of the new UH Hilton Hotel tower which will run parallel to University Dr. The new tower will attach to the existing tower from floors 3-8 via enclosed skybridge.

Skybridge connecting new tower to existing tower

View from University Dr


As always Ron, thanks for much for this post. I live up in Canada and haven’t been on campus since November 2019. This new project on campus looks amazing.


Have they started building yet?

Here is the website to the project. The construction hasn’t started yet but I’m sure UH will put a live webcam on it when it starts.

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Once done, could out of towers stay at this on campus hotel for games? If so , it’s a great asset for us.

They already can unless it is all booked.

Of all the recently completed projects, I’m most impressed with the new Quad. Check it out next time you’re in town. It’s incredible in comparison to what it replaced.


Agree. And to think some people wanted to keep the old Quad and renovate it because they have so many memories there. SMH

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As far as I know the hotel has been opened at all times to the general public.

It is the first definition any hotel student learns.

A house that is kept openly, publicly and notoriously for the reception of travelers and others for a reward.

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