New Airline Seat Allows Wheelchair Users to stay in their chair

This is pretty cool, not something I think about as it doesn’t currently affect me or my family but glad someone is innovating.


Very cool. I know someone I think would be pretty happy to have this option.

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Noble idea, but I hope people don’t start taking advantage. Like they did with handicap parking and service dogs.

Was thinking about that. I imagine it would be hard to simply say you’re disabled and get this option as they’ll have to own a wheelchair too.

Unless the airlines then also provide them. The airport system already does this and helps them to a seat. Sending seats on the plane will create logistic problems that might be unsolvable.

I can’t see a company renting a wheelchair for cheap that would fly to another city…and come back when & how?

Ha, don’t underestimate peoples ingenuity when it comes to gaming the system.

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