New Boom TE Spencer Wells (Update: Signed)

Three star per Rivals. Has offers from K-State, LA Lafayette, McNeese State, Texas State, and Tulane.


“body is unclear, is it a complete sentence?”

… <---------------------yes, yes it is.

Big time pickup. Local kid from Pearland and he’s huge. Team him with Eichenberger and Brooker and we’re set at TE for awhile.

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Thank you all for the info on Wells. Sounds like a sound addition.

Big Kid

Guys looks like a Robeast! :+1:

Looking at his offers and how they use their TE, Spencer has got to be a great blocker. We need it.

for ex:Kansas State, Tulane

10h10 hours ago
Officially a Coog :paw_prints::paw_prints: :red_circle::white_circle: