New C Kody Russey named team Captain!


It’s pretty impressive to come in as a grad transfer and do that!


This is such a great “get” that CDH really hasn’t gotten enough credit for…
The difference between 2.5 and 3.5 seconds to make decisions by Tune this year is going to be very very evident.
Hell, if he gets 3.5, you are going to see a lot of deep balls and TDs…


I haven’t heard anything on #76 Patrick Paul. Is he OK ?

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He is practicing with all the other OL in the videos I’ve seen


Kody Russey is the player I have been looking forward to see play this year. Lots of energy and his motor never stops…


Nice. Always good to hear positive news coming from the O line.

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To have a center the qb trust makes all the difference in the world. Having such a great leader to get the line in the right checks is going to make the line look much better and give us a more relaxed qb. I think Tune will look more like the qb who looked special early last season rather than the one on ho left the pocket early and prone to poor decisions.
Hopefully Paul stays healthy and looks more like linemen we think he is.


I believe we had 8 captains last year. Seems like we should have won more than 3 games with that many leaders. I haven’t heard how many we will have this year.

Last year, our best players in Stevenson and Turner missed huge chunks of the season. We can’t afford to have NFL talent not play. On top of that, we really missed Paul at tackle and Mutin at linebacker.