New deputy in town


Our guy Chris Pezman is doing work. Check out this guy’s resume:


Impressive resume, just what we needed. Two thumbs way up… can’t believe we got a real professional!

Who did he replace?


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Yep, once Dickey left, Yurachek never hired a deputy.

Solid hire with solid connections and he’s a Coog.


Assume he was planning to leave so let new AD hire his own deputy.

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Dickey left over a year ago and I don’t believe Hunter had plans to leave at that point in time. He chose to promote most of his Athletic Directors and decided to go straight to them instead of having a deputy. From the outside looking in, Hunter was stretched thin due to everything going on in the department and probably needed someone that he could count on.

Pezman immediately hiring a deputy is a good sign. Hiring a guy with extensive marketing experience is a great sign. Hiring a guy with all kinds of Houston connections is an even greater sign.


“We are excited to welcome David to our department, although as a proud alum, he and his family have always been a part of the UH family,” said Pezman. “The elevation of our department throughout the years has allowed us to acquire elite talent like David from within our own market. His key relationships throughout the city will help us continue to maintain and increase our significance in the Houston market and in the state of Texas.

Key quote there in bold; Pez isn’t content to just sit back and wait for people to come.


This is very encouraging for our present and future. Chris is molding a true professional organization. I can’t remember the last time we had this type of a “Team” These key hires are very meaningful if we want to get to a P5. Great leaders delegate. Congrats to Chris for bringing back David. We can also add that Mrs. Khator and Mr. Fertitta are fully committed to get to the next level.


Event Management should be a cornerstone position for any entity in the business of putting on sporting events, conventions, concerts and any other large scale entertainment activities…

I hope UH embraces this mindset for the long term.

Sounds like a home run hire.

It’s a Brad Lidge to Albert Pujols home run


Only thing that is missing is where you see Andy Petite saying “Oh my God!”.

NASA really should launch a mission to retrieve that baseball one day.

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The question is why does UH need a deputy director of operations really. What’s the salary for this position. RK is certainly a rock star chancellor but some of these positions are not needed. For Athletics operations alone you have the following cash guzzling positions ,

  • Vice President of operations

  • coordinator of operations for director of athletics

  • Deputy director of operations

Again, What is the difference between the last two . Your tax dollars and donations at work folks and watch the administration raise tuition on blue collar students to cover these outrageous salaries.

That would be a terrible misuse of taxpayer dollars, because that ball is already on the other side of the known universe, lol.

Because we sucked at it and we have sucked at it for decades. This is one area where we have been behind many Texas Schools. This has been a huge handicap. Kuddos to Mrs. Khator and Mr. Fertitta for recognizing where we need help the most. This has how we become better.