New facilities

I know the hype is on our game friday and glad we’re there. But the other time coach mentioned we had to improve our facilities and keep up with upgrades. Just wondering what if anything was planned or what was being requested?

Or if anyone knows any program that has something other than a basketball facility and a stadium.

Did you forget about the BB practice facility? On par with any other program in the country.

No im saying besides that. Because he said we were in need of upgrades to move forward.

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Yes he said practice facility needed upgrades I think, not sure what needed work but I remember hearing something

Yes, coach mentioned that it needed upgrades to keep up with other schools that have built facilities since our facility was built. He wants to review what others have done at the college and NBA level to stay current. Coach Sampson also realizes that people were impacted by the pandemic and it may not be the best time to ask for money.

Bigger screens for watching film, softer seats, better video games.


yup, need that for sure

Ps5 is still really hard to find. Securing some of those would probably go a long way.

Back in my day we just had ball-in-a-cup. If you miss a shot, it’s OK… The ball is attached to a string. You just try again.


LMFAO :rofl::rofl::rofl: that made me laugh harder than it should have.

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I had that too. And a handful of jax.

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I must have been good one Christmas because i got to replace my ball and sting cup for a paddle with a rubber band and ball. Fun while it lasted.

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I never did master that damn thing!!